what’s on your mantel

I have two book on my mantel… and soon there will be three… I have been told that the anthology written by the people from those in the local writing group will be published in Feb… Hopefully I will have more information for you after the meeting on Saturday…

To tell the truth, I had given up hope on this day ever coming… but that is mostly because I am an impatient gal…  😛 this idea was started back in 2014, then the RWA issue with the smaller groups like the one in this area disbanding… while the others in the group decided to start their own writing group, I stayed home and focused on online promotion and editing (and the ever present MS)

But now that Book two of the Finder’s Keepers series is getting closer, one edit at a time, I realized that the story I had submitted to the group needed to be told before Book Two, Twin Findings, came out… I mean… it isn’t a life or death issue, but the main characters from the story have a lot to say in Twin Findings…. Joffrey (the last Sentinel remaining Earth-side) and his lady love, Sophia Ann…

i would love to hear from you... feel free to comment!!

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