this could be Makayla


this could sooo be Makayla LaPine… she only had a few lines in Shocking Finds: A Finder’s Keepers Novel, but she is making her mark in book two… Twin Findings…

this picture is definitely worth a thousand words when it comes to Makayla’s younger days… she tells us all about her younger days as she sits with Marin, going through the details of the day her twin went missing… poor Makayla… so young, so sad, and oh so strong… stronger than she should have had to be… our sexy southern bell has a few crack in the shield she presents the world, but the woman will always be sassy and strong when the end of the day comes out to play…

I can’t wait until you guys get to read this book… between the continuation of Marin’s story, and this peek into Makayla, this book is gonna rock… happy wordage everyone… tracey

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