warning… this is not a test


This NaNo writer has fallen behind… As reparation to this offence, the voices have demanded that I ignore all social media and set my fingers to work… no more book parties, no matter how much fun I had at the one I threw on Saturday, and blogging is to postponed until I hit that 50k word goal, or December 1st brings NaNoWriMo to a close… I have a second novel that needs to be sent through a round of edits, it also has a few holes that need to be filled… now that Shocking Finds is out, the voices demand that I get their story finished and ready for the public… it is way past time that I complete said edits, and the voices will not rest until they get their way…

Thankfully, they have allowed me to post two more blogs… the first blog is my way of helping out my fellow author on her blog tour, and the second will feature a piece that Anna Durand was kind enough to put together featuring Shocking Finds…

happy wordage, tracey

2 thoughts on “warning… this is not a test”

    1. hey girl… I resent you free copy… please tell if it still isn’t going through and I will have my publisher send it… I don’t know what is wrong with my gmail account but it is making me want to scream…


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