An Interview with Angela Ackerman

Source: An Interview with Angela Ackerman

I absolutely love these books… The Emotions Thesaurus, The Positive Traits Thesaurus, The Negative Traits Thesaurus… I loved this interview and went on to read the one about Becca Puglisi

Those of you in the MS circle know that our words and thoughts can be jumbled at times. It is like a mental and physical case of ‘it’s on the tip of my tongue’, but so much worse. Still, the knowledge is there. For me it helps to spark that knowledge with other words and descriptions… When I’m talking to someone, I will just start throwing out explanations until it comes to me… (lol… unless I’m tired, then I just say ‘WORDS!’ and stop trying… those closest to me have learned what this means… it means my brain needs a break :P)

When I’m writing their books help me to spark just how I want to show my character’s actions and feelings, instead of just telling the reader… Showing vs Telling… it is read and can be a pain, even when my words aren’t hiding from me. These girls rock, and they have helped me soooo much… I seriously doubt I would have ever found a publisher to take me on without their books, and the influence of a few others…


Shocking Finds and all the books to follow are a piece of me. I am so glad I found these thesauruses to help me articulate the worlds growing inside my mind. 😛 Happy Wordage everyone, Tracey


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