Soooo … while sitting around anxiously waiting for my beta readers to deliver their concerns and dislikes (as well as what they love by hey, the others comments seem more worrisome) about my novel, I started looking/reading about copywriting. Though I would prefer to find an editor/agent, the world of copywriting would help with my ability to promote any work that I either self-publish or publish through original means.


Promotion is similar no matter what good or service needs to be moved. You learn about the wants and needs of others, then you find a way to grab their attention. You jump up and down, wave your hands wildly about your head, and scream out … Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me!!! Okay … Maybe there’s a little bit more to the job than that, but that is way they call them the basics. You have a product you want others to buy, you present it best attributes, and rationalize all the reasons that everyone needs to own your product. Simple … Right??? HA

There is a lot more to the basics of copywriting than that, but I have the time and I am need of a mind cleanser or two. Plus, I would like to learn to do something that will give me a sense of purpose… a way to contribute  and to eventually take care of myself and my mother. That is the dream. Weather we find a way to obtain our dream reality or not, the hope we climb towards each day is a necessary part of life.


What reality will bring you peace and happiness? Where do you envision your life taking you? When you look at your future, what do you see, where are you, who is by your side? Do you create music or portraits or words of wonder? Can you build with wood or stone or metals? We all have a dream, a need, a fantasy of where and how our lives should be. In order to get there, we all need to find a way to stand out.


The more I read about copywriting, the more this holds true. Finding a way to make your product stand out and be eye catching, the better. And the same hold true for novels and short stories. You want your book to cause readers to pause when they see the cover. You want them to devour each and every page, and then go online hunting for more. Basically you want people to be come online stalkers, waiting for you to give time another line or two about their favorite character.

With copyediting, you want others to read your advertisement and then happily buy, Buy, BUY! If something doesn’t look appealing, then you can forget about grabbing anyone’s interest, no matter the product. With books, I feel like I have a solid foothold with one of the basics. Before you can get others to want your product, you first need to know about it’s pros and cons. You need to know everything you can about what you are offering to others. It is impossible to attract interest for … let’s say ‘apples’, if you don’t know what they look like, what they taste like, or what they can be used to make … How do apples make your life better??


Books or apples … You need to know why the people around you should want to claim these things, own them, enjoy them … why do we need them in our life? Dang … now I want eat an apple covered in caramel …

Happy wordage, Tracey 😛

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