Fantasy Cowboys

Sooo… I find myself in the post-NaNoWriMo stage. Am I working to finish that novel? Am I congratulating myself on finishing book number two? Am I gritting my teeth as I head into the tortious world of edits? Hmmmm…. That would be a big NO… NO, NO, NO.

Hey. Not my fault. I was sidetracked by bull whips, chaps, and rodeo lovin’. Hehehe.

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I find myself with this overwhelming need to play ‘cowboys and indians’. Which is why I started my latest novel about a Rodeo Cowboy and rancher beauty. For now I plan on bouncing back and forth between my Rodeo lovin’ and my current Fantasy Romance. The Fantasy is nearly complete but the Rodeo has a stronger voice right now. The female MC is the oldest daughter in a large ranching family. I decided that she would decide that she needed to follow her sister around the rodeo circuit, while little sis competes.

She is determined to go crazy for once in her life, after getting diagnosed with MS. Yes I was having a poor me moment when I made this decision, but after a day or two of seeing this character come to life, it just felt right. Add in a tough as nails, man-whore, and some wild interacts and misunderstandings, and I am loving this story more and more. But then, who doesn’t love a little cowboy lovin’ from time to time.

This new direction in my writing has me itching to attend a real rodeo with bull and bronc riding. I want to see it first hand, not just on youtube. The ability to stay on the back of a pissed off animal for any amount of time is amazing to me. Plus, I just love horses. Sooo, horses plus cowboys … I am so there. Let’s all go. We can make group migration of it, but first I need to know when and where would be best for a rodeo newbie like myself.

While I am figuring that out, I will continue to develop this new world, and wrap up my second novel.

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My second novel is centered around shapeshifters, vampires, and fiery redhead doing her best to police crimes that keep pulling her into a world she should know nothing about. The female MC, Samantha ‘Sam’ Cass, is paired with Nic, a vampire that she is insanely attracted to. I wrote a handful of shorts stories with Sam and Nic, and entered the pair in a few contests. Writing those shorts was enough fun that I decided to give Sam and Nic a longer story during NaNoWriMo. And yes, I finished 50,000 words of their story during the month of November. I feel like I am over half of the way done with Sam and Nic’s first full length novel.

It was shocking but fun to see the book take a direction that was completely unplanned, when the Indian myth Coyote decided to stick his nose into the mix. But then that is the best part of creating a new world … The story truly has a life of it’s own. And I am just along for the ride. Hopefully, by the end of December, Sam and Nic  will be done telling their story, while my cowboys will be more fully developed.

Happy Writing, everyone!!!! Tracey Clark

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