Granny VS the fan rush

Harry Potter tried to kill my GRANDMOTHER!!!!

Okay. That’s a lie but also very close to the truth. There were no curses or spells thrown. No men with bad facial surgery running around. What she faced was worse. So much worse.

And I suppose that my mother and I should bare part of the blame, but really, when it’s all said and down, it was JK Rowling. Yep, that’s right. I am calling her out right now. it was JK and her crowd gathering book that nearly killed my Gran.


We knew going in that the trip was insanity, but I was new to the world of MS and still quite childlike. Mom and Granny were always willing to do anything, go that extra mile, if they believed that it would bring a smile to my face. That included a midnight run to the local Walmart for the latest Harry Potter. It was either the sixth or the last book. After so long, all I can remember are the people willing to go out of their way so that I was happy, and that we were together.

Granny was always willing to hop in the car and go. It didn’t matter if it was midnight, if the trip would lead to the other side of the country, or if we face an untold number of hours before we reached our destination. She was there. So it only made sense to pack her and mom in the car for a quick trip to Walmart. I had even preordered, so the wait would be short. Really, it should have been an in and out mission. HA.

Granny has been in my thoughts this week, as crowds for both good or ill have taken the stage. The Ferguson Riots and the Black Friday Sales, neither could hold my concentration as I remembered Granny’s adventure. We had left her near the front of the store so that she could lean on her buggy, watching the people hoover over the crates of books being guarded until the clock stuck twelve. She was content as mom and I moved to join those lining up at the back of the store, those sane enough to purchase their copy ahead of time.

I remember standing in the middle of my fellow Potter lovers, holding my copy and waiting for the man at the register to get the okay on his walkie talkie. Some people were skipping to the last chapter, looking for long awaited answers, as I bounced from foot to foot, dying to do the same. Instead I stood there with my treasure held close to my chest, vibrating like an addict, wanting to go ahead and crack the spine. A few of the ruder shoppers started discussing what they had found by skipping to the end.

That’s when I moved closer to the man with the walkie talkie, ignoring all chatter. As much as I was dying to know what the book held, I knew that I wanted the journey to last. I wanted to enjoy each page as I climbed into a world of magic. I was close enough to the man in charge for the chatty cathys to shy away, I was close enough to hear the new coming through his walkie.


Screams and chaos. And my poor grandmother was right in the middle of it all. When we were able to pull her from the crowds, Granny was grinning from ear to ear. “Everyone started screaming, and then they ran right for me,” she declared.

Apparently, the crowd was being held at bay, but one little old lady that was nearly blind ??? She was allowed to stand as close as she wanted. Unfortunately, she stationed herself right beside the treasure that everyone wanted to get their hands on. She told us that there was some girl in line that kept screaming for no reason. And just incase you’re worried that my poor, nearly blind grandmother was traumatized, I assure you that she was not. She even went to the midnight showing when the book came out in theaters.

It is one of many memories that I am thankful for. Memories that have the power to make us smile years, decades after they are experienced, should be held close to our hearts. What memory makes you smile?

Happy Wordage, Tracey

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