The road to query hell

Okay, perhaps not the road to hell. But the road to the pharmacist just doesn’t have the same ring. Maybe I should chance the title to ‘The Road is Hell’. Who knew that six days after surgery wasn’t enough time to place myself in the passenger seat? I was beginning to think that my intestines were jiggling about within the empty pocked provided by my missing gallbladder. It is either that or the Doctor took out more than expected. I felt as if it was necessary to physically hold my guts inside as we hit every evil bump along the road from you know where. And tomorrow the mad scientist expects me to come in for a check-up.

ohhhh, goodie! More car rides. It is a horrible story or at least it would have been. Without the plight of my gallbladder, I am able to eat. It may sound like a small accomplishment but you try two months on pretzels, and only pretzels, and then we will talk. You too will moan in delight at that first taste of real food. My liberation was celebrated with chicken fried rice. And OMG, people, it was nirvana. If I wasn’t currently writing a follow-up book to Finder’s Keeper’s, I would happily create an ode to Shogun’s. They really outdid my expectations for fine dining.

Sorry, a bit of drool hit the keyboard. But no bother, I will just get another dose of Asian cooking after tomorrow’s doctor visit. I feel that it is only right, since I am unable to do literary justice to the greatness of the delicious dish. Then again, I would have moaned my favor of almost anything, after my two month fast. I avoided pain, but I also lost 30lbs while going my unwilling diet. Happy to lose the weight but I fear I was close to insanity during what I call ‘the restrictions of 2014’. It is a story worthy of the horror section. Perhaps I should call Stephen King to collaborate on the project, though I believe he already has a thriller in such a vain. Dean Koontz would do a story on when food attacks. Yep, you heard it hear first. Bring on the royalties. lol.

The food wars will have to be someone else’s baby, as my plate is full. I have been working on my synopsis for Finder’s Keeper’s, thinking of redoing it’s intro for the third time, and I still need to work on my query letter. Oh, how I hate query letter. I thought that query hell was the worst of the worst, but I was wrong. Forcing myself to revel every important piece of Finder’s Keeper’s in a synopsis has been decidedly worse. My baby reduced to six pages. Oh, the horror of it all. To top it all off, I was recently told that the double space between sentences is no longer needed. Not sure my thumb wished to be retrained. If anyone knows of a good thumb trainer, please let me know. 😉

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    1. hey… my publisher is planning a blog tour… if you are interested, or know anyone that would want to be one of the stops, just let me know… or contact Mary at … with the subject ‘blog tour’ … I could also use some sage advice here… this will be my first, have no idea what will happen… lol … but I’m excited…


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