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Killjoys is back

I am both excited and saddened. Killjoys (a show on syfy) is back for its fifth season. Sadly, this is supposed to be the last season.


love this show… so far there has only been one episode, but it just reminded me why hate that the seasons are so short. lol.

I love kickass Dutch and her boys (John and Davin). And all the crazy space hijinks they get into.

Their interactions always make me laugh. I would watch this show for years, if they would continue to run it. I love when Pree sings…

killjoys Pree

And Zeph and her brainy awkward ways…

killjoys zeph

But my absolute favorite character is Khlyen. Even when I thought he was evil (kinda evil … lol) I looked forward to the episodes with him in them. And cried like a baby when he died (don’t worry. He’s back. this is syfy after all…. lol)

This is one of the best Syfy shows in a while. I can’t wait for more!!!! Oh… I almost forgot Kendry. She has gone from super bitch, to pregnant bitch, and this year she is a kickass bitch. lol. Way cool.

I hope you enjoyed the Pinterest pics.