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Yesterday, I spent the evening with my writer’s group at LibraryCon, a small town fair. OMG… it was sooo hot. Just let me tell you, my Multiple Sclerosis was not happy. I ended up eating sugar-free icee, running my little squirt bottle fan, and sweating like an out of shape marathon runner. In the end, I lasted for most of the event, but left a few minutes before the rest of the crowd.

Mary Shortridge and Cathy Shaffer made it out to this small fair. The rest of our group were sick, working, or out of town. These gals are awesome, and great with words. Cathy is on the left and Mary on the right.

Sadly, I didn’t make any book sales. I did sale a bunch of jewelry… In fact, as soon as up get caught up with my book edits, I will need to make more earrings. The crystal pendants and the rocks with melted metal pendants were a big hit. I just hope I don’t drip heated metal on my skin when I make replacements..

Mary, thankfully, helped me separate all the necklaces that had become tangled with each other. I had found some nifty see-through colored bags to hole them in.

Our author table sat across from the peeps with all the paintings (they had a set up to do balloon animals), close to the peeps with the pool noodles, and beside the JCP table (with their hair products, they were putting spray hair color on people). We were also close to the book mobile and the icee van. yummmm…. this year there was sugar-free (good for me) pina coloda icee

The fair had a few fun ideas and decorations, like a costume contest and Dr who/star wars cut outs. also… I saw some gals from the local paranormal society. there were a few other tables out, but I didnt have time to see what was going on. oh…. and the table for PAWS, which is all about animals 😛

All in all, it was a fun evening, even if it was bloody hot.

if you want to see some of my jewelry, I have some pics up on my arts and crafts site… just click the link at the top of the page… Happy wordage everyone