Baked ziti

Baked Ziti

Okay… first off, unless you’re cooking for an army, don’t use the entire box… lol… I tend to cook too much food when I make some thing. especially something new. If you do decide on a smaller batch, remember to cut your ingredients… I would start by cutting everything in half…

I’m sure there are any number of brands of noodles. The question is ??? Is there a ziti recipe on the back of them all, and is that recipe the same… here is the recipe I used…

This was my first attempt at baked ziti, but I thought it turned out well. sadly, I prefer spaghetti noodles. I now have bucket loads of ziti to give away… lol… Just follow the instructions, and the recipe is easy enough. I served my ziti with cheese covered garlic bread.

get cooking y’all and enjoy đŸ˜›

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