Soaked to the Bone…

Well… I complained and complained about the heat… whined on my Multiple Sclerosis page about drowning in sweat and started making plans to move to a nudist colony… maybe somewhere in the Artic Circle…

Mother Nature (being the kind, crazy, and be careful what you wish for type of mother) decided what I really needed was a little rain… lol… and the dogs decided to help me out by demanded to be taken out in the wee hours of the morn, giving Mother Nature the perfect opportunity to upend a bucket of rain water on my head…


okay… obviously, that’s not me… 😛

have you ever been out side during an overcast day and heard the rain start to pour… it isn’t being dumped on your head, but you hear it being pushed across the land, the wind moving the clouds into position… yep… that was me at three in the morning… I couldn’t run for cover without my dogs… and only one goes out on a leash… she I could have dragged into the house… but the boy (moe-moe) was in the middle of doing his business and refused to be rushed…

after the first few seconds of hunkering over, I actually enjoyed the impromptu shower… lol … not my preferred method of cooling off, but still, it was nice to have the sweat washed away…


here’s a teaser for Southern Discoveries… out june 9th

Marin had had just about enough of this conversation. Besides… Kyland would be there at any moment. She could feel his terror and rage bouncing around in her mind, followed by some considerable urgency from her invisible friend. She didn’t need words to know that her buzzing friend was right. Kyland could hurt someone by accident, maybe even a child, if she didn’t calm the situation down.

Holding their connection close, Marin could feel her mate barreling her way.

Doing her best to stay awake, Marin flinched as she shouted, “Listen lady. My extremely pissed off mate will be here at any-”

Before her words were completely out of her mouth, Kyland popped into existence. “ARGH… Where is she?”

“Kyland. No. The kids.” That’s all Marin managed to say. She was suddenly cradled close to his chest like a fragile child. “I’m okay.” And barring a few scrapes and bruises, she was fine. Well… there might be a concussion, but she sooo wasn’t telling Kyland that.

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