Book Progress Update Day…

just days away from book two in the Finder’s Keepers series… I am spending today, hiding in the shade, covered in ice, and spraying myself in the face with water so that I can try to join Frist Friday on Main st… we will see if anyone wants to approach the woman drenched in sweat in order to buy a book… lol… fingers crossed everybody… it sounded like a good idea until I went out last Wednesday and felt the lovely (heavy sarcasm) 98 degree heat on my Multiple Sclerosis head…

anywho… take a look at these lovely covers for book one and two of Finder’s Keepers series, side by side… I love them…

Southern Discoveries comes out in ebook first (on June 9th)… and between now and then I am offering a free copy to anyone that is interested in doing a review (it doesn’t have to be long or involved, just a few lines somewhere like amazon or goodreads, one of the other retail sites) whatever you think (good or bad, I promise not to tell you if I cry) … Reviews are hard to come by and I appreciate each and every one…

alrighty… what else??? after getting some blog/book news updates done, I will be off to the writer’s cave… I have most of the third Finder’s Keepers rough draft finished, but before I finish that I want to focus on my Skymann series… Gone Writing Publish is looking over book one and said she is interested… I think I will work on the next few books myself, with editing help… I am just too dang impatient … lol… happy wordage everyone…

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