Doctor Who ??? love that guy


I love, love love…. Doctor Who… and watching Peter Capaldi & Jenna Coleman travel through space and time has been my favorite pastime… now… if you haven’t watched the latest season, look away… there will be spoilers… with mild ranting and lots of raving… lol…

if you watched the specials and podcasts, then you were waiting for the big Clara death scene… but maybe like me you were holding your breath, waiting for the doctor to find a way to fix things, to find a way to keep Clara by his side… but OMG… dang it Doctor, you made me cry… Clara really did get killed off… and the Doctor went through mammoth grief… time-lord style… how do I deal with this… wellll….

I cross my fingers that there really will be a spin off with Clara and Me (Maisie Williams) will come to fruition … will Clara remain living in the moment between heartbeats, will she one day meet back up with the doctor, or will the show become a Clara hit run-away… Who the heck knows…

I swear, I think they killed or almost killed Clara at least three or four times… and each time, I would think, this is it… no more Clara… why, oh why… 😛 I think she is my favorite doctor companion… and can totally carry her own show… but still… I would love to see her back with the doctor one day… her character has changed almost as often as she has changed doctors… it has been wonderful to watch and I can’t wait for whatever comes next…

happy wordage, tracey

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