MS Month is here

okay… lets try this one more time… I just saw that my repost efforts had all the wrong pics… where the heck did all the Shemar pics go… *NOOOOOO…. but no worries… I think I have it fixed now… lol… *evil computer

this is a post I have up on my Multiple Sclerosis site… but I wanted to share it with my regular peeps… *especially the Shemar Moore pics* – Derek from Criminal Minds is sooooo yummy, and an MS supporter… can you say ‘great guy’… I did make a few MS shirts for myself, but I also bought a Baby Girl shirt from his site… anywho… here is some info on MS Walk, support/donations, and fun Shemar pics to finish off with… later guys…

Okay… I wanted to share a few sites with you guys (like the My Walk Gear site, and Shemar Moore’s Baby Girl site)… if you can’t walk for Walk MS, but still want to show support, check out the My Walk Gear site… just click on the link at the top of this post… 


right now you can get 24% off


and the My Walk Gear site can help you support more than just Multiple Sclerosis… Breast Cancer, Autism, AlS Lupus, etc…

You can get team shirts to wear as you walk or socialize, or get some gifts for yourself and others, or maybe pick up one of the non-clothing items… there are ways to design your own shirts, MS ribbon magnets, and jewelry…

I have one of those ribbon magnets on my car, but to show my support (for MS cause and to myself) I made my own t-shirts, all you do is pick up some blank t-shirts, and grab a t-shirt iron-on kit (you just need a printer and a computer) from a hobby store or Wal-Mart…

 If you want to see more about my homemade shirts, and read about the ladies that pulled on their tees and went out to eat with me at an Irish Pub CLICK HERE hey, there’s even a picture of us with a guy in a kilt… 😛 and what ever you do to support this cause, have fun with it…

but this post is getting a little long… I’ll save my chatter about Shemar and his awesome Baby Girl site for another day… thanks for dropping in, and happy wordage…. and just to leave everyone on a high note… here is some yummy Shemar to drool over… I know that’s why I continued watching Criminal Minds during the year the studio started firing beloved actors left and right…

if you want to show your support, but the My Walk Gear site isn’t for you and you don’t wanna make your own Click HERE to check out the Baby Girl clothing and non-clothing items, as part of the proceeds got to the fight for MS… but I will have more on that in my Baby Girl post… later peeps

if you want to donate to Walk MS, Click HERE

or if you just want to check out my Walk MS post, Click HERE


i would love to hear from you... feel free to comment!!

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