R&R Sisters


Okay…. so this is a Rant… and others may disagree… and I have be informed that if I had waited a little longer to leave the theater, I would have been in stitches… but come on… I was an hour into the film and I broke… I couldn’t take it anymore… I took my popcorn and made a run for it…

I go through some pain to enjoy a movie at the movie theater, and this was Tina Fey… I expected to laugh before the first thirty minutes were up… and instead I reached the hour mark and begged to leave… I had sat there as others teeheed with humor and felt nothing but confusion… why the heck didn’t I think it was funny… I guess I just had higher humor standards for a movie with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler … for an hour, the movie felt stilted and slow… like something made for a high school videographer project…

sooo yeah… this is a rant…

others have said that if I waited for the dance party mix, it saved the show… but to tell the truth, I was bored out of my mind and felt that I had already seen all there was to enjoy when I watched the trailers at home…




2 thoughts on “R&R Sisters”

    1. lol… I sent a link to your mom… but it is oct 7-9… not sure if there will be others… the one in huntington is on nov 5, but only 18+ years… and my horrible memory cant remember if you will hit 18 by then… lol… the one on oct 7-9 is the imaginarium convention… http://www.entertheimaginarium.com/ … I told your mom to check it out, see if she was ok with you being out of town for a whole weekend… and if she would have time to come as well if she wanted…


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