Get Beta’ed… muhahaha

Okay… fingers crossed, my first contemporary romance is in the hands of a Beta Reader… while I am still looking for a few more, I am cringing on the inside… I don’t think this process will ever get any easier… my baby is out there in the hands of a stranger…. okay, not a stranger exactly… the first person to accept the challenge of beta reading my first Skymann novel has gone through this process with me before… and she did a wonderful job on Shocking Finds: a Finder’s Keepers Novel…

so maybe I will get through this without chewing on my lip until it bleeds… it really is too bad that I’m not a nail biter, but ewwww…. I have never been able to stand that habit, in myself or in others… lol… mom is a notorious nail biter… but I once saw her keep at it until she ended up with an inflamed infection puffing and oozing around her nail… yeah… that is not the type of thing you un-see…

Now… I need to get a few pieces of swag ready for tomorrow’s signing… Info HERE… it may only be a local signing but you never know… 😛

Anthology/ Hidden Bounty

Buy Link – Amazon

Kindle version only 99 cents…. Happy Wordage

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