strong stomach is a must

Now… if you have a trigger happy gag reflex, turn away… do not read… but if you have a strong constitution and possibly a need to poke fun at my morning, then read on 😛


okay… my morning didn’t contain any boats, no matter how  hot it was today… noooo…. I would have killed for a seat on that hellacious boat trip… I have been dealing with the croop for over a week, meaning I sleep like crap and hack and cough my head off…

When I finally managed to get to sleep, I slept long and hard… meaning I woke up dying to pee… but the dogs were barking and they always get to go first… but when I got up to get them, and take them on there morning (okay, afternoon… but hey, they potty right before bed…) potty run, I realized they were whining because both, yes both, of my pugs had had diarrhea … the only positive I could see was that they sleep in a kennel… so the liquid hell was contained…

one by one, I reached in and picked up my nasty pup… carried them out to run in the backyard… gagging the entire way… hacking, coughing, and gagging… just as I bent over to send the last dog into the backyard I gagged sooooo hard that I peed on myself… so, yeah… I think I would rather be tossed around on a boat for a few hours… heck… knock me out if you want, but someone else deal with the next doggy mess… lol… grr…

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