R&R Sherlock


okay, I have high standards for my Sherlock… so this is going to be more of a Rant than a Rave… (avoid in case of spoilers, if you haven’t watched)

so the Raving part… Benedict Cumberbatch is my favorite sociopath… lol… I got hooked on the show mainly because of him… and I enjoyed his performance… as well as the acting by all the other wonderful cast… Martin Freeman is picture perfect Watson… Mr and Mrs Watson scenes are always fun…

but once I get done raving about the acting skills, I slid into Rant mode… I mean, you have to wait years to get a new mini-movie/series and I for one expect to love it… this is not so… the story line fell flat for me… i kept waiting for the story line to move forward, completely missing the fact that i was already in the middle of the plot… i am hoping that it was the long wait that has caused this reaction, and that re-watching the show in a few days with yield better results… i would hate to lose Sherlock as one of my go to entertainments… i tend to be quite picky, but very loyal once i find something that i love…

Still… i will push on, and come back for more when they come up with another show… fingers crossed that it actually happens (i haven’t checked to see if there is one scheduled) and that it doesn’t take years to get here…

Alrighty… now back to writing… happy wordage, tracey

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