My move to Cardiff

Okay… so not my move to Cardiff, to I would love to see Wales. I just wanted to share blogger pal, Georgie’s, post. As well as Ireland, Hay-on-Way, and repeat the experience of Germany … and ooo New Zealand. Really I could keep listing vacation spots all day. For now, I will stick to exploring the U.S.A. There are still a few states that I need to peruse. Seattle, WA; Texas and the bayous of Louisiana. Man, now I wanted to pack the car and hit the road. Though I will always love Kentucky, definitely one of the best states to live in.

IMG_0354 IMG_0137 IMG_0149 IMG_0349 101_0154 101_0004 101_0011 101_0012

Season!!! I must have all four. lol

Georgie added me to her Liebster Award winners. Some of my fellow bloggers don’t enjoy these, but I find them cute and an excellent opportunity to have some fun with information and pictures. Yep, that’s the OCD talking. Anything artistic can always be tweaked… lol. Sadly, I don’t have enough time right now, but I did make sure to save a draft of the Award, keeping it on hand for my next free moment.

The award could wait, but I wanted to invite everyone to check out Georgie’s site. Day to day life and a peak inside her literature studies. For those uninterested or unmoved to crack the spine of the classics, you can get her take on the classics, as well as a few of her own works as the site grows. (it’s like a cheat sheet to the classics) Personally, I love Pride & Prejudice. In any form. Movie or older than dirt book … I love it. Which is odd, since my favorite genre is paranormal/fantasy romance. And of course, all things cowboy. 😛

Anywho, here is the ups and downs of Georgie’s move to Cardiff. Please, oh please, stay away from that mold girl. The picture looks like ‘black mold’ to me, which freaks me out. I actually know someone that died form inhaling the spores while cleaning. Make the landlord do it instead. It can be his punishment for procrastination. Happy wordage

Source: My move to Cardiff

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