Goodbye Roanoke – a jodina short (an excerpt)


“Let me out of this bloody hole, you rat bastards. I’ll burn this place to the ground. Now, open this door!” Jodina’s voice came out flat, barely bouncing off the dirt walls of her cell. If you could call a hole in the ground a cell. It was more like a cave, or the side view of an open grave, with metal bars blocking the only exit.

“This isn’t right. What if she’s clean?” A young boy, of perhaps fifteen years, turned to the incompetent oaf by his side, and pleaded.

Jodina watched, as the lad hunched his shoulders, crossing his arms protectively around his chest. His words had pulled her gaze down to her filthy state of undress. “At least supply me with some form of clothing. Or perhaps you enjoy watching women freeze to death.”

The oaf pushed the younger man out of his way, so that he could have a clear shot at her chest, his sword sharp as he thrust forward, with experienced precision. A precision that would have impaled her heart, but Jodina moved with a quickness that saved her life. Her quick movements also drew a gasp of shock from both of her jailers.

Goodbye Roanoke, sneak peak, Not for distribution outside Author’s Permission © Tracey Clark


For more paranormal/fantasy *(I can never tell the difference. If there be vamps and shifters, count me in) and don’t forget romance (not to worry… Jodina has better taste than to fall for the oaf above… her vamp in shining armor has yet to come) follow this blog hop full of everything we all enjoy … tracey clark

Paranormal Love Wednesdays Blog-Hop

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