OMG… Fifty Shades!

Okay… this movie was excellent. And watching it with a few hundred of your closest strangers rocked. The entire theater, all ten screens, were packed. My friends and I chose to see the film in one of the women’s only rooms. It was like horny old gals, hooting and giggling with every sex scene.  And yes, the rumors are true. The sex was there and in your face realistic. Any clearer and we would have needed see it a back alley sex den.

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This movie is not for the faint of heart, or those easily upset by nudity.  At one point I asked my friend it we were actually watching an introduction video for nudist colonies. 😛 Poor Dakota Johnson (Ana Steele) barely had time to enjoy the feel on clothes on her back before she was *on her back* without clothes. And Jamie Dornan’s abs are well worth a look or three.

But the movie was more than just a how to guide to sexual education. Both actors brought the life. Johnson showed the new, fresh face of naiveté. It was easy to see how the character she played wanted to love this amazing man, and was willing to try nearly anything to be with him. The character was intimidated while holding on to her personality and humor.

Dornan showed the confusion and basic need for control that his character felt. I can’t wait to see how his character’s personality grows in order to keep the one woman able to touch his heart. Both he and Johnson brought the underlying story to life, allowing the audience to see the glimpse of pain and love. (Though reading the books will help every viewer to understand. Not to mention, it will prepare them for the end of the movie. And no I’m not going to share.)

Fifty Shades is a highly sexual movie, but the story is very clear. As is the humor.



Dornan’s character didn’t have many opportunities to drop a line of laughter into the proceedings. But he plays the straight man to perfection. Personally, I have read all the books and know that he will have more and more opportunities to show his humorous side. Though he will spend most of the movies to come holding his current persona. He has a different emotional path to take.

Dornan had a difficult part to portray. Most of his lines that should have made the audience smile or laugh, were lost because they hadn’t read the book. Understanding were the movie was going, and what the Christian Grey character was really like, helped those of us that knew the trilogy word for word.

Watching along with so many women added to the comedy. The shouted comments… (One woman yelled ‘me too’, after one of Johnson’s replies) … the hooting, the giggling, the outright insanity that happens when a room full of females find something sexual or hysterical.  If you choose to watch this at home instead of in theaters, I advise that you invite dozens of gal pal along for the showing. You can always watch it again later. (And you will soooo need to.)

Dakota Johnson on the other hand …


It was easy to see that she has a natural ease with humor. More than a dozen of her lines caused the crowd to burst into laughter. I will need to rewatch the movie when it is on DVD so that I can hear Dornan’s responses, the ones that were lost under the belly aching laughter emitted by the audience.

She will grow into a headliner to rival her parents. Even if she wears some clothes. lol. Dornan is also and excellent actor, but those abs need a show of their own. 😛

So if you don’t mind extreme sexual content, I say watch and enjoy. And for the love of mud, people, read the books… because books rule. Now I am off to edit my latest writing attempt.

Happy watching, Tracey


4 thoughts on “OMG… Fifty Shades!”

  1. Didn’t really enjoy the movie They cut out some important stuff, IMHO. Loved Dakota though and I agree she will be a star. Jamie had a tough role to play. Some say he was stiff but those are the people who didn’t read the book. The character IS stiff in the beginning.
    Anyhow, to each her own opinion. I will not be seeing the next one.

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  2. I also saw the movie with over 30 women and had a blast. I thought it was a great movie, really how often does one of our sexy novels come to life. Dakota was excellent, Jamie not so much. He had his moments but at some points his acting felt forced. I did like the changes from the book, the whole business meeting with the reading of the contract was so well done! His line that he wanted to “f&$@ her into the middle of next week” is so Christian and fit his personality so well. I even laughed when Anastasia drop the pencil from the envelope, I thought it was very clever. I look forward to the next movie.

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    1. I look forward to seeing how Jamie’s character changes and grows… the christain character is the most repressed in the first novel… and I agree Dakota is excellent… the girl is hilarious…

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