A Quick Guide to Ruby Writing Sprints

A Quick Guide to Ruby Writing Sprints. I am getting excited. The end of one writing goal can lead to procrastination, or even the fear to start something new. You think that maybe you should wait and see how your work has been received. You worry that maybe you are wasting you time. If you never put your work out there then you don’t need to even think about rejection. Yep, a load of crap. At least that is what I tell myself, because the bottom line is that my writing has become my creative world, my outlet. I will still fear the sting of a harsh critique and procrastination will forever follow me around, my faithful companion, but when I know that once I start, I get more joy out of building my characters a home, a universe to live, love and play in than anything I have set my mind to in the past 34 yrs of life. This should be similar to NaNoWriMo but each person will develop their own goal, limits, and finish lines. Hopefully the Writing Sprints will be as entertaining and invigorating as NaNo. A little push to help us get started and stay focused.

happy wordage, tracey

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