dragons everywhere ;P


Dragon Con was … Well, I have never been one to start out slowly, to walk before I run, or sit through the instructions when I feel like I can already accomplish the task. With Dragon Con I almost met my match. 😉  It was an overwhelming crowd of fun, excitement, liquor and costumes. I loved all the sights and classes. But there were a few points where I knew that my MS was a problem. The highlight being my case of narcolepsy in front of my all time favorite author.


But as I said last time… I made sure to go to another panel that also had Laurell K Hamilton on it. And as a bonus, I saw Jim Butcher, as well. I love to write, and I love to read. So I also signed up for a number of writing seminars. The walking was brutal, and the hotel I stayed at was not at all handicapped friendly. For the most part, the Con-goers were a lively and welcoming group. Though my mother was F-bombed, and called Wheelchair Bitch, that was only two people out of more than 65,000. And this trip was all about fun, having and sharing laughter every moment that you could.


 My spending habits were definitely on board with the vacation fun theme. I must have purchased at least a dozen books while mom worked on her tan, only to continue the idea once we were at Dragon Con. I managed to find a few Christmas present for my sci-fi/comic loving kin, not to mention the gifts I acquired for myself.

photo%201 photo%202


But the beauty of this vacation was everywhere. Not only in the items that we managed to procure. We visited family, with a view of the inlet that was to die for, immerse ourselves in a culture that showed a freedom and kindness that is rare in everyday life, and walk through exits of arts and weaponry that is hard to find in the back woods of Kentucky.



More than ten days at the beach and I was being to feel like a native. Granted, a very hot and sweaty native, but a native none the less. The views were excellent, but the sand and sea water are not for me. That doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate nature. In fact, I love the sights and smell that can be found in our world. I just prefer the cooler climate when conversing with the wild. ;P Next time, I want to go to Vermont, or perhaps I can talk mom into San Francisco or Salem, MA again. Now Salem is an interesting place to visit. A place that Con lovers would be able to fit in without judgment. On our trip to Salem, we saw animals welcomed in every store and costumes worn as everyday attire. It was like being a kid again, told to go out and explore to your hearts content. Dragon Con may be too big for me, but it is still on my top ten of favorite views.

IMG_0739 (2) IMG_0738 (3)


I am not completely out of my mind. I pretty much knew that participating in something as large and fast paced as Dragon Con would wear me out. Soooo, I book an extra night at the hotel so that mom and I could rest while everyone else got sucked into the mindless, sleep deprived exodus, the morning after.

It was about nine at night, I was sitting (and yes, smoking) on one of the benches at the entrance to the hotel. I watched as car after car, unloaded their new batch of hotel guest. I had already watched that morning as cars came up to be filled with passengers, packages, and post Con Luggage. I sat down by this woman that had managed to become stranded, when she missed her early morning bus. She was about five foot tall and funny as can be. (Don’t freak out Family) She was traveling back to Vermont but the next bus wouldn’t arrive until five o’clock the next morning. Soooooo I let her stay with me and mom.

Mom of course came down to make sure I wasn’t about to invite an axe murderer into our suit. In this day and age, it was possibly the least bright of my ideas, but it felt like the right thing to do. After mom had me text a copy of her driver’s license to my cousin incase  of death, we settle in for the night. She told us stories of cons past. It was hilarious. She told us about costumes that she had worn or seen, and all the insanity that she had enjoyed.

My favorite story was about her Hobbit costume and a late night beer run. She had volunteered to rush out to replenish their liquid supplies, figuring that since she was so small she would be able to squeeze through the crowd . I was supposed to be a quick trip and nothing else. Sadly, my new friend had forgotten about the late night Zombie walk. She was now face with a crowded street of Con lovers and an extra batch of Slowly moving, decay covered pedestrians. Being small only got her so far. Finally on the way back to the hotel, she was waiting at the cross walk, when she hears this low demonic voice saying, “Get the Hobbit.”

Glancing over her shoulder, she saw a large mob of Zombie walkers. lol. Needless to say, she ignored the do not walk sign and ran like hell. 😛  Mom was half asleep at this point but she jerked awake, and laughed  right along with me. . It has become out most repeated phrase, but only if you use the proper tone.

Alright word lovers, I think that is enough for now. But one last picture to send you on your way. I can see an eye in this picture and I thought I would share what lead us home from Dragon Con. So beautiful! Tracey


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