wow, just wow

I must be the luckiest person in the world. I joined JuNoWriMo and then campnanowrimo for fun and that extra push we writers need from time to time. Not only was I gifted with two new amazing women to commiserate with, I found someone that actually knows the biz and all the dos and donts of publishing.

Tracy Stengel is awesome, and I was lucky enough to have her as a cabin mate in campnanowrimo. She has offered straight to the point, but with a gentle touch, advice for my Query and Novel. This is a miracle as I detest query hell and every component involved in the process. I had grown to the point that I firmly believed that I would need to take out a loan, or smuggle geese into the country, for cash, if I wanted professional help. So Tracy is a clear sign that fantasy and reality can at time mesh together, in order to create the impossible. Yes, I write fantasy.

After working with Tracy for less than a week, I plan to use her in the future, especially since her price is so low. I nearly had a stroke when she told me that she only charged people $1.60/page. I had to re-read her chat post twice. I was telling Tracy that she was invaluable, and that she would be able to pull in more clients than she could possible handle, with the right PR. That was when the shock came. I asked for her to send me her web address, and she told me what she usually cost. I needed to check my eyesight and re-read the obvious typo. But nope, and anyone that has looked into the price of a good editor, I swear that I am telling the truth. I even double checked her web site, just in case she was giving me some kind of deal because of our new friendship.

The woman is obviously crazy, but her work is top notch. I have been looking for this kind of feed back for at least a year, but I am on a low budget. Usually my hysterical laughter is due to a shock of a different kind. One site was willing to help for the low-low price of $3.00/page and $40.00 flat for query hell, and synopsis confusion. Dude … My novel is long assed fantasy. 100,000 pages buys some guy a mansion, while I eat cat food. I had decided to look for help in my critique groups for now, I am elated that Tracy landed in my camp. I hate Query Hell to the point that selling off my first born child was looking like a viable option. I am sure that any offspring that come my way will be eternally grateful to my journey with my new cabin mate.

If you love to write, have considered taking it up as a side hobby with the option of selling your work in the future, or you really want help navigating through query hell, follow in my foot steps. Joining the NaNoWriMo groups on twitter, facebook, and wherever you may stumble across them, can be more beneficial than you ever believed. You may not be lucky enough to get a cabin mate with Tracy’s talent, but because I jumped into campnanowrimo, everyone I know or can reach will now have the option of Tracy’s advice.

So, warm up the internet, and join at least on NaNoWriMo, no matter the month out branch. Tracey (And side note, just because the names are similar, does not mean that I will be able to guide you through wordage issues. Brainstorming and loquacious=idis … this is where my writing forte lies.)

P.S. Even if you are too shocked to believe the truth, visit the link below and check out Tracy’s website. Hey … why are you still here? I said go. So, off with ya. ;P

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