43k and climbing
43k and climbing

I am 7k away from completing JuNoWriMo, which is an online project that pushes you to complete 50k in the month of June. The word sprints are extremely helpful, as you compete to compose the most words in 10-30 minute increments. It is a fun want to get in the word count now. I can always edit later, but for now the novel is being written. The support and occasional push, if needed, help to pass the time. I also met an online pal.

Krisz is, thankfully, sane and gives excellent feedback, when we have brainstorming sessions. lol. She is the reason I now have a blog that works. My previous blog, which will remain nameless, had one too many ‘down for maintenance’ problems. And, at times, I was unable to add to my posts. So, of course, I forgot about the blog. Time after time, I told myself I would come back and check later. Well, later turned into months. But Krisz had a wordpress blog, (http://christineecho.wordpress.com ), and at her suggestion I moved. So, so, so glad that I did. I can handle the occasional breakdown, but months is a bit much for me.

With JuNoWriMo ending, Kris has talked me into attempting camp nanowrimo for July. That is another month of 50k work. So maybe she didn’t need to force the subject, just ask. lol. Apparently, I am a masochist or maybe I just realize the potential of another month of support and that little push to write 50k words. ;P

Hopefully, by tonight I will have at least 44k words. We are down to the wire with JuNoWriMo and I would like to start of camp nanowrimo having complete June’s task. Cross your fingers and your toes, and sign me up for carpel tunnel surgery. Or maybe a surprise Agent, knocking down my door, begging to read my latest novel. Did I mention that I write fantasy? Only in my make believe world does the agent come to me without the completion of query hell. lol

But on the subject of query hell. I managed to complete my synopsis and I am in the process of vamping my first chapter. Excellent feedback has lead to a few changes, changes that will of course be place under the Finder’s Keeper’s page. When they are finished, only the actual query will remain. Then I plan to submit to Ethan Ellenburg. Now would be a good time to cross anything you have left. Personally, I am in knots.

If there is a nano for august, someone, for the love of mud, stop me. If you can? muhahaha. Worlds need to be created, or the voices get bitchy. Right now they are screaming at me to end this post, and continue my race to the 50k line. I would love to ignore them but then the noise keeps me up at night. So back to the current novel, I go. Happy wordsmithery, everyone.

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