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Hey guys… I need help… and not mental… though that is definitely in question… I mean… what have I gotten myself into… Oh, not this hop… this is easy and fun… no I am talking about one of the book signings I will be at this year… one that I will be needed a costume for, for the costume ball… But I am getting ahead of myself… let me introduce the Hop and then Please, for the love of mud, help a girl out… 😛

little things

Little Things Blog Hop

Hi everyone Tracey Clark here and I am one of over 100 authors/bloggers/ on

the Little Things Blog Hop! This hop has over 200 chances to win prizes, the rafflecopter for the overall event has a ton of prizes just waiting to be won… and each of the 100+ blog stops will have their own give away…

My Giveaway

Make sure you visit each stop and enter the posted giveaway… for this stop, I am giving away an eBook copy of Shocking Finds (epub, pdf, or mobi)… to be entered to win, simply answer the follow:

—If you had to pick a book/movie character to dress up as, who would it be (description of outfit would be great)?

lol… sounds silly, but I am in serious need her peeps… I will be going to a costume ball at the Imaginarium Convention… I am already nervous about being on one of the panels (not sure what they want me to do) and being in front of a lot of people for any reason always throws my system into whack… I can see it now… sweating, red in the face, about to throw up, when I just kill over and pass out…. yep… that would so be my luck… to help me out… use the comment section below and give me some ideas… and be entered to win …

And not to worry… if you already have a copy of Shocking Finds, I will be sure to send you an Arc of Southern Discoveries (Book Two – Finder’s Keepers) when all the bugs are worked out…

And be sure to enter the amazing rafflecopter too which has a ton of prizes to be won!

For those of you don’t already know me, I am the author of Shocking Finds (A Finder’s Keepers Novel), I plan to be attending three book signings this year (Wild in West Virginia – June in Charleston, WV; Imaginarium Convention – Oct in Louisville, ky; & Rebels and Readers RARAE – Nov in Huntington, WV) And I am working to get two more novels ready for the signings… and as stated above, I will be attending the Imaginarium Costume Ball (EKK) I hope to see you all there…

Now… let’s keep this Hop hopping…

Next name on the list: PJ Fiala’s Little Things

Rafflecoptor Link : a Rafflecopter giveaway

Join the Little Things Blog Hop Event for more fun https://www.facebook.com/events/562506680576207/

Link to all the Blog Hop spots: http://theclubbookpromotions.blogspot.com/2016/02/LittleThingsBlogHop.html

Thank you for hopping by! Happy Wordage, Tracey

Winner (s) will be chosen by random and announced on this page and on the Little Things Event Page by April 6th.

FB is not in any way responsible or affiliated with this giveaway or the Little Things Blog Hop



19 thoughts on “#LittleThings Blog Hop – Freebies”

  1. okay guys… it was really hard for me to pick a winner … i loved all the suggestions… so a random draw win is…… hangell531 …. but I am so grateful to all you guys that I want to make everyone a winner… wooo whoo… just head over to my Facebook page and sent me a Private message with your email… that way it wont be sent out to the entire world … muahahahaha… also… if you put up a review of either amazon or goodreads, i will make sure that you get a copy of Southern Discoveries (book two: Finder’s Keepers) … okay… gotta run… here is my Facebook https://www.facebook.com/trace.clar


  2. I’m not good at costume stuff, my better half does all that. The couple that came to mind right away already have been mentioned. I’m not sure what kind your looking for. Only one left I can come up with is maybe Cleopatra

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  3. The characters in Stephanie Hudson’s Afterlife series would be fun and easy to dress up as. Pip always wears crazy outfits like an 80s character tee with a tutu and crazy colored hair. Never really matches 🙂 thanks for being on the hop!

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    1. omg… I love this… and that reminds me… I sooooo hope they really do come out with a show featuring Clara… it is now between this idea and my fav book character Cassandra Palmer… just don’t know how I would dress as Cassie… cant wait to see what else you guys throw at me… 😛


  4. Ty for the chance I honestly would love to be either Bell in Beauty and The Beast (because even a beast needs love) in her regular clothes (no need to wear fancy stuff)


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